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About us

Sobre Nós

Having all family and friends around the table may be a marvelous and healthy moment. This is why we are here for! Every day, we take the balance between flavor and health into people’s lives through a variety of vegetables and fruits, groceries, meats, beverage and others.

We opened our first store in 1979, in the city of Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais. Few years later, our diversity and quality of products reached the states of Brasília and São Paulo, as well as our lovely, nice and exclusive service. The cities in the inland of the state of São Paulo, such as Campinas, Americana, Limeira, Sorocaba and Indaiatuba soon gave us a warm welcome.

Today, with forty stores located in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and the Federal District, we are reference and experts in healthy life and the pleasure of eating well. We select our suppliers and partners with great care and attention, offering our clients quality, diversity and excellent service.

Vegetables and Fruits


Diversity and quality are crucial in this segment, which provides our clients with a large variety of fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables coming directly from the producers every day. Our many options range from everyday items—such as potato, carrot, lettuce and banana—to exotic seasonal products, such as pitaya, sugar-apple, the Brazilian yam-like tuber cará, bur cucumber and so on.

Another feature of this segment is the sale of prewashed products that bring more convenience, practicality and taste to your kitchen. Diverse ready-to-eat salads, clean vegetables, soup kits, processed fruits and other options already cut and packed, prepared with all attention and under rigid food safety standards.



In addition to the traditional cuts, this section offers high-quality special meats, all provided by suppliers selected with due care. We have two more lines: Seleção Dia a Dia Oba Bem Querer (Oba every day selection Oba wishing you well) and Oba Reserve (Oba in reserve).

Seleção Dia a Dia offers quality and traditional cuts of meats, such as tri-tip (maminha), bottom round (lagarto), striploin (contrafilé), rump cap (picanha) and many others, for a more convenient cooking, perfect for daily meals or weekend barbecues. The meats of Oba Reserve, in turn, are extracted from precocious calves, especially selected and tracked from birth to deboning facilities. These cuts have a well distributed marbling—intramuscular fat that ensures an extremely smooth and tasty texture in every inch of the meat. Vacuum-packed and refrigerated, these meats take extra flavor to your table.

Imported Products

Importação Própria

Sophistication and flavor coming from various parts of the world. We take from the most reputable producers high-quality brands at reasonable prices, ensuring cost-effectiveness for our clients.

We have an expert who travels around the world visiting the best wineries, looking for unique brands and exclusive flavors. Here you find excellent options of wines from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Bulgaria, in addition to special beers and spirits. He also trains our employees and sommeliers that help our clients to make the best choice at the stores.

We also highlight our imported chocolates, olive oils, pâtés, jams, cookies and many other groceries from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The refrigerated and frozen food segment also offers some foreign products.

Exclusive Line

Linha Exclusiva

A family of products that perfectly combines tasty and health, Oba Bem Querer offers healthy and tasty food. Highly selected, these items make your everyday life more practical, pleasurable and balanced.

This line is composed of charcoal, mini tomatoes, Obacalhau (codfish), panettone, white and purple grape juice, olive oils, tapioca, nuts, Vitaminics apple, passatas, and gourmet hamburgers, as well as coconut water, fruit salad, 100% fresh juices and pizzas, all prepared daily in the stores.


Our stores have a totally special structure, which makes our clients feel comfortable and well while shopping. We also provide our clients and suppliers with a personal service, creating a welcome environment. Delivery services and tasting of products help to tighten relations.

Some units have valet, snack bar—for a hot and delicious Brazilian coffee—and flower shop which makes flower arranging to order. Our nutritionists, responsible for food safety and quality of products, complete our team, which strives to offer more healthy and yummy meals.

Eating well is so good!