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Our Values


Offer daily, to all customers, excellence in produce, perishable foods and specials food, with regard to quality, variety, service and good cost benefit. All this in a pleasant and charming environment, providing customers with health and wellness. Be among the best companies to work for and to manage continuous learning, generating value through the management of a sustainable business.


Be reference in produce, as the best option of purchases in the sector to that seek having a healthful and flavorful food. Be national market leader in our segment.


  • Focus on the customer: We prioritize the customer before any other activity;
  • Excellence in quality: Worried about the health and welfare of the consumers, we guarantee the excellence in the care and hygiene of all the products and also prioritize the total quality in the provision of our services;
  • Innovation: We seek to innovate continually, because we believe it to be the competitive differential;
  • Ethical conduct: We establish a solid and healthful relationship through transparency, respect and confidence with our employees and partners promoting welfare in the work environment;
  • Teamwork: We engage the people in the management of the business;
  • Win-win policies: We foster the generation of mutual value in dealings with employees, suppliers and customers;
  • Social Responsibility: We contribute to the development of social, cultural and environmental actions to raise awareness and encourage good sustainability practices.