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Products and Services

With 33 years of experience in the Market, the Network Oba Hortifruti became specialized in the industry of Grocery, which today represents 60% of the invoice of the company. In addition to the quality of products, variety is another differential of Oba. The network works with more than 12 thousand items in its store, with 300 only in the grocery industry, that are divided into several types.

The Network Oba Hortifruti has, in addition to the grocery products, sectors of cold cuts and dairy products, which corresponds to 15% of sales. Then, the trade of meat – that was outsourced, was entirely redesigned. Nowadays, the stores have their own butchers, offering, in addition to the traditional cuts, specialty meats such as lamb, duck and boar. The company works with high-quality meat, provided only by butchery registered by the Ministry of Health. The industry, which represents between 20 and 25% of the company sales, has qualified professional responsible for quality in every network stores.

Besides the sectors of Cold Cuts and Dairy, Butchery and Cellars, Oba also has Fish Shops, Grocer’s Shop, Bakery, Snack Bar, Floriculture and Imports. And, in one of the

most prime stores of the network, located at bairro [district] Moema, São Paulo, a self-service restaurant daily offers, during lunch and dinner, hot and cold dishes established by a chef hired by the company.

Oba has a Network with structure of 30 thousand m² and sale area of 20 thousand m², every store of the network was remodeled, gained new and modern equipment, air conditioned system; Nowadays the Group employs 4,300 persons, with 5% of its professional staff composed by people with special needs. The network strongly invests in the training and qualification of its employees in order to ensure the quality of the services provided and, specially, excellent service to the customers, suppliers and partners. To improve the relation with customers, Oba has today a call center system that enable the access to information such as address, opening hours and availability of products, among others. The network also has a team of nutritionists, responsible for food safety and products quality, which are often driven by the media to talk about health, wellness and healthy eating. For 33 years Oba Hortifruti focuses its efforts to promote health and quality of life to its customers through healthy food. Is for all these reasons that Oba is more quality for your life.